Save The World Air, Inc.

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

STWA provides clean technologies to companies active in the gathering, upstream and midstream sectors to optimize the efficiency and safety of transporting conventional and unconventional production to refineries.

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Pipeline Viscosity Reduction System

STWA's AOT (Applied Oil Technology) stand-alone or supplemental pipeline solutions:

  • Increase flow rates
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Optimize flow assurance
  • Enhance pipeline Integrity
  • Prevent Bottlenecks
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Increases Flow Volume
Higher toll revenues and reduced operational overhead. Optimized flow assurance for more energy-efficient and economical delivery of crude
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Reduces Viscosity
Lowers pipeline pressure, reduces equipment wear and prevents bottlenecks. Enhanced pipeline integrity for safer, more cost-effective delivery of crude
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Patented Clean Tech Pipeline Optimization Equipment

STWA develops and commercializes industrial-grade hardware that improve the efficiencies and economics of oil extraction and transport, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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